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Genesee Land Trust, Inc.

46 Prince St., Ste. LL005
Rochester, NY 14607
Phone: 585-256-2130
Contact: Gay Mills

Genesee Land Trust preserves and protects natural lands and waterways that enhance the quality of life in the Greater Rochester region -- providing wildlife habitat, locally grown food, and connections to nature. It does so by acquiring property or development rights and by assisting government agencies, individuals, and private groups with their own land protection efforts. It currently protects over 5,500 acres of woods, wetlands, farmland, sensitive habitat and has created green pockets in the city. Priorities are: Protecting the North Coast (along Lake Ontario); Local Farms/Local Food; and Connecting to Nature in the City. Nearly 1,000 families are members of the Trust.

Wish List:
  • computer, laptop for intern use
  • desks
  • desks/office chairs
  • easel
  • folding chairs and tables, lightweight
  • garage storage space for wheelbarrows and tools
  • LCD monitors, wide-screen 
  • pickup truck
  • projector for PowerPoint outreach and other presentations
  • hand clippers, garden tools
  • shelving, utilitarian
  • supply closets
  • trailer
  • wire brushes

Volunteers Needed:
  • Preserve Stewards: to help manage and monitor the lands that Genesee Land Trust protects.
  • Assist at work parties on our trails and preserves.

Information reviewed by agency 8/9/19. (Wish List updated.)

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