Rochester, NY

Rochester's Community Wishbook


Webster Comfort Care Home

700 Holt Rd.
Webster, NY 14580
Phone: 585-872-5290
Contact: Sharon Scott

A not-for-profit, community-based comfort care home, committed to providing comprehensive and compassionate care to the terminally ill and their families in a home-like atmosphere.

Wish List:

  • gift cards: Target, Wegmans
  • grocery-store items: coffee, tall kitchen trash bags, toilet paper, HD laundry detergent, unscented dryer sheets, dishwasher soap, unscented baby wipes and hand soap, wet Swiffers, tissues, napkins 
  • lanolin lip moisturizer
  • office supplies
  • postage stamps: "Forever" 

Volunteers Needed:
  • Resident Care: provide basic personal care, help our residents transfer, serve small meals, comfort families,   anything else deemed appropriate by the nurse. Trained by our nurses.
  • Grounds/Maintenance: housekeeping, cleaning weekly or biweekly. Meet the maintenance needs of the yard and house. Can consist of lawn mowing, snow removal, light maintenance such as changing bulbs, etc. May also include maintenance of equipment or appliances for those with the skills.

  • Gardening: planting, weeding, clipping, watering, and general garden maintenance.

  • Fundraising/Public Relations: help raise money through various campaigns and events, and generate and promote communications with the community and the media.

  • We sometimes encounter situations where individuals, companies, or groups wish to create their own personalized roles. We welcome this opportunity to "customize" roles, designed exclusively to tailor your individual needs, or the needs/benefits that your company or group can offer.

Information reviewed by agency 8/5/19.  (Wish List updated.)

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