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Child Life Program, Rochester General Hospital

1415 Portland Ave., MOB Suite 300
Rochester, NY 14621
Phone: 585-922-4374
Contact: Teresa Schoell

The Child Life Program at Rochester General Hospital seeks to make the hospital experience a positive one for our pediatric patients. We do this by providing age-appropriate play opportunities, hands-on teaching about their medical conditions, coaching and distraction during blood draws and other painful procedures, and therapeutic play experiences to help soothe their fears. We also provide support for the siblings of our pediatric patients, and services for the children of adult patients facing end-of-life, or life-limiting conditions.

Wish List:
  • infant sleep sacs (new)
  • activity or craft kits (Please include all items necessary to complete the project, and store kits in individual sealed bags prior to delivery.)
  • crayons, markers, colored pencils (new)
  • no-spill bubbles
  • playing cards, word-search books, Sudoku books
  • toys (new) for all ages (especially newborn to 2 years) (We cannot accept used toys, for the protection of our patients.)

    (Please no food items, and no items of a religious or political nature.) Thank you so much for thinking of our patients!

Volunteers Needed:

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