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Rochester, NY

Rochester's Community Wishbook


Disability Moving Assistance

2000 White Swan Drive #2128
Rochester, New York 14626
Phone: 470-484-5786
Contact: Erika Miller

Our mission is to ensure that disabled and senior persons have the resources they need to safely move into homes within their desired communities. 
It is statistically proven that the disability community has limited access to resources such as employment, education, transportation, and leisure activities – all of which lead to greater independence and self-sufficiency.  As a peer-led, non-profit organization, DMA strives to find affordable solutions for its disabled peers to lay the foundation they need to flourish in one of life’s primary roots, creating a safe and accessible place to call “home.”  All that is provided by DMA is supported by donated time, supplies, and funds.  

Volunteers Needed:
  • Electronic assistant: plug in a mover's electronic such as Alexa, televisions, computers.
  • Mover: load a truck with moving boxes or unload a truck with moving boxes.
  • Boxer/Unboxer: help unpack/unbox belongings or help pack up belongings..
  • Vehicle driver: driving either a moving vehicle.
  • Social media: creating content, unloading posts on time, creating social media calendar, sharing content with their networks, sharing donation request campaigns.
  • Grant writer: help Executive Director in finding, creating and applying for grants.
  • Outreach: accompanying Executive Director to community tabling events, creating list of possible partnerships, making cold calls, assisting in the creation of a street crew.

Teen Opportunities: See above Items. Teens will be under supervision. As a 501(c)3, we can provide school credit.

New listing 11/3/22.

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