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Generation Two

PO Box 18626
Rochester, NY 14618
Phone: 585-315-3412
Contact: Melissa Panara, Program Director

In order to promote a sense of well-being in young school-aged children, trained volunteers spend time in Rochester area schools engaging in 1:1 play sessions with children. G2 takes place in a designated space outside the regular classroom and is supervised by a G2 coordinator.  Led by the child, the adult-child pair will play games such as Candyland and Uno; and with toys such as blocks, cars, small dolls, and play dough.  
All children in a grade level participate in G2; there are no special qualifications. A child must have the benefit of the undivided attention of a caring adult.  Play sessions are 30 minutes (per week) for each child. Volunteers see 3 children in a day, resulting in 90 minutes of 1:1 play with their G2 friends. Typically there are 25 G2 sessions per school year, and we ask for a commitment of one school year.

Wish List:

Volunteers Needed:
Caring adults with time during regular school hours - about 25 weeks per school year. Duties include being a good listener, being flexible with game-play rules as per your child’s imagination, and enjoying the company of young children.

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