Hochstein School of Music & Dance

50 N. Plymouth Ave.
Rochester, NY 14614
Phone: 585-454-4403 x15
Contact: Tyler Cassidy-Heacock

Email: tyler.cassidy-heacock@hochstein.org
Website: www.hochstein.org

The mission of the David Hochstein Memorial Music School is to provide people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities with access to excellent music and dance education in a community that nurtures and encourages personal achievement.


Wish List

  • most musical instruments in good condition (especially guitars, orchestral, 5-octave marimba, grand concert harp and ukuleles: soprano, concerto)
  • 3-ring binders for sheet music
  • pitch pipes (try Amazon.com, Guitar Center, any music store)
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • digital voice recorders  ($40 or more-- Walmart, Target, Amazon)
  • electronic tuners ($12 or more, for guitar, ukulele - any music store
  • art supplies for children's projects
  • computer: desktop PC (2015 or newer with Widows 7 OS or newer)
  • iPads, tablets
  • laptop computers
  • PA system available for off-site concerts
  • paper cutting machine
  • envelope printer
  • letter folding machine
  • washer and dryer (stacking)
  • new water bottles
Art supplies for Expressive Arts:  (Michaels, Target, WalmartAmazon.com, etc.)
  • artist sketch pads
  • modeling clay, both Sculpey and the Crayola kind (the Crayola is easier to work with for some clients)
  • battery-powered pencil sharpeners
  • sewing materials
  • canvas for acrylics – single sheet or comes in pads of 10
  • painter's tape
  • fabric
  • small and large watercolor sets
  • poster board
  • fabric paints
  • acrylic paint bottles: white and primary colors
  • paint brushes
  • glue sticks
  • pastels and oil pastels
  • markers
  • colored pencils
  • mod podge
  • colored tissue paper
  • an iron (small or regular)
  • beads
  • string
  • boondoggle
  • large rolls of white paper
  • bristol board (comes in packs of 24 sheets, 11x17 in size)
  • tempura paint
  • corrugated paper


Music therapy: (most of the below can be purchased at Guitar Center, One World Goods or try Amazon.com. We do not want/need toy, plastic instruments.)

  • egg shakers
  • maracas 
  • wrist bells 
  • hand drums 
  • drum mallets 
  • blank CDs 
  • guitar picks 
  • guitar strings (acoustic or nylon, no brand preferred)
  • iTunes gift cards
  • rain stick 

    Dance/movement therapy:
  • sheer, small colored scarves (they are called juggling scarves)
  • Band-Aids
  • disposable heat packs /gel packs that don’t need freezing (heat packs are cheaper; cold packs are $30)
  • yoga mats
  • yoga blocks
  • any spandex type material (will be cut into squares or rectangles)
  • stress balls 

Volunteers Needed

Information reviewed by agency 3/5/18. (Volunteers Needed deleted.)