Rochester, NY

Community Wishbook

June 2019 Wish of the Month


The agencies listed below are requesting Pet and Animal Supplies. The second list is for Volunteers for Animal Care and Work with Animals.  If you can help, please click on the charity's name for more information, and email or call their contact person.

Pet and Animal Supplies
Begin Again Horse Rescue, Inc. (hay, senior horse grain, horse treats, fly masks) 
Braddock Bay Raptor Research (birdseed) 
Bridges for Brain Injury, Inc. (animal-related items: see listing) 
Bright Star German Shepherd Rescue (dog food, treats, beds, crates) 
Catholic Charities Community Services (CCCS) (pet supplies) 
G.R.A.S.P., Inc. (wooden baby gates, various items for dogs and cats - please see listing) 
Hearthside Cats Inc. (cat food, cat litter, cat beds) 
Heritage Christian Services (horseback riding show clothes, riding equipment) 
Janine The Bean Rescue, Inc. (canned and dry cat food, kitten milk, kitten food; feral cat shelters) 
Lollypop Farm (pet food, supplies, toys, law enforcement supplies: see
Nuts for Mutts Rescue (dog collars, leashes, harnesses, pet beds, crates, flea & tick medications, etc.) 
Pet Adoption Network (dry & canned cat food, cat toys, litter, newspapers, food and water bowls) 
Pet Pride of New York Inc. (cat food, cat toys, washable cat beds) 
Wild Wings, Inc. (sunflower seed, venison, uncooked chicken drumsticks) 
Wildlife Educators Coalition, Inc. (animal toys: for birds, dogs, and cats) 

Volunteers Needed: Animal Care and Working with Animals
Begin Again Horse Rescue, Inc. (help with horse and barn work) 
Bridges for Brain Injury, Inc. (pet therapy) 
Bright Star German Shepherd Rescue (fostering and transporting dogs) 
G.R.A.S.P., Inc. (temporary foster homes for cats, kittens, and dogs) 
Hearthside Cats Inc. (services for cats: feeding, sweeping, scooping, socializing) 
Heritage Christian Services (assist people with disabilities with riding a horse) 
Janine The Bean Rescue, Inc. (foster parents for cats, barn home for feral cats, and more)
Lollypop Farm (animal care, dog walking, pet-assisted therapy, meeters, greeters) 
Nuts for Mutts Rescue, Inc. (foster homes for dogs, socialize dogs) 
Pet Adoption Network (foster homes, adoption center volunteers) 
Pet Pride of New York Inc. (foster homes, socialize shy cats, improve lives of cats and kittens) 
Wildlife Educators Coalition, Inc. (animal handling, safeguarding animals and visitors) 


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