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Rochester's Community Wishbook


Program: Storage and Distribution FOR AGENCIES (MINO)

1 Favor Street
Rochester, NY 14608
Phone: 585-348-8596
Contact: Maria Wehrle

If you have a surplus of the items in the first list below, you can save valuable space for things you use most often, by letting Mothers In Need of Others ministry (MINO) be your "Storage and Distribution Center". We will take those items and get them into the hands of people who need them most, quickly and efficiently!

We will also be posting items here for which we have a surplus. If you (the charity representative*) are in need of the following items for your clients, please call us at 585-348-8596 to arrange to pick up those items.


Wish List:

We currently accept the following:

  • baby items
  • personal and feminine hygiene products
  • cleaning supplies
  • paper goods 

(2/17/2021) Items available to Charity Representatives Only*

  • Youth and adult diapers
  • Kate Farms Pediapeptide (pediatric nutritional supplement)
  • Generic Formula for babies
  • prenatal Vitamins


*Please note: No direct pickups by clients. For the privacy and convenience of families, we ask that their care providers pick up the products for their clients and deliver them to the clients.



If you have questions, please contact Maria Wehrle, Program Director, Mothers In Need of Others ministry. 585-348-8596  


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