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Rochester, NY

Rochester's Community Wishbook


Disciples Community Outreach, Inc.

71 Rockview Terrace
Rochester , NY 14606
Phone: 585-705-9831
Contact: Priscilla A. Young

Disciples Community Outreach, Inc, is a 501(c)3 non-for-profit charitable organization established in 2008 in Rochester, New York that offers employment services for individuals and people with disabilities, help with food, clothing and shelter, document preparation services, youth programs for troubled inner-city youth, and cleaning services for the elderly.

We assist individuals by transforming their lives while rebuilding our communities through services for troubled youth, families, unemployed and the poor.  We offer powerful enabling training tools that can support critical thinking and other developmental skills while rebuilding our neighborhoods to decrease crime and help those in the most poverty-stricken areas.

Because we are a community-based organization, we can explore all issues pertaining to a diverse population who are socially, and economically disadvantaged.  Over the past three decades, a substantial amount of research has been undertaken on how to move low-income individuals and those on welfare or at risk of dependency into the labor market, how to help them remain employed, and how to assist them in career advancement and wage growth.

Wish List:
  • appliances
  • bleach or household cleaning items
  • clothing (next to new)
  • computers and laptops
  • dishes
  • face masks and gloves
  • fishing poles for youth programs
  • food
  • furniture, next to new
  • gift cards to assist families
  • hygiene products
  • kitchen supplies
  • lawn mower
  • monetary gifts
  • outdoor tools
  • school supplies
  • vans, cars

Information reviewed by agency 8/29/23.  (Information is correct.)

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