Rochester, NY

Rochester's Community Wishbook


Gathering Place of Purpose, Inc.

PO Box 67484
Rochester, NY 14617
Phone: 585-209-5085 (office)
Contact: Sonja Green

Toll-Free: 1-888-357-5337

Gathering Place of Purpose is a non-profit organization. Our mission is providing hope to our community members who have been affected by poverty and fighting hunger. We donate children's clothing, footwear, food, socks and hygiene products. We provide resources and information to our community specifically to people who are suffering from mental illness and people who suffer from domestic violence issues.
Gathering Place of Purpose, Inc. is in need of a donated commercial building or real estate. Please contact Sonja Green if you can help. Gathering Place of Purpose has 501(c)(3) status.
Also needed are a large tent for revival events, folding chairs, and folding tables for registration.

Wish List:
  • coffee, tea bags
  • commercial space
  • computer
  • computer desk
  • financial donations
  • food shelf for canned goods 
  • freezer bags (large)
  • gift cards: Wegmans, Walmart, Staples, Best Buy
  • toys for children
  • mini mouthwash
  • mini-van
  • office space
  • office supplies
  • socks
  • snacks, healthy
  • toiletries
  • turkeys for holidays, etc.
  • tent for revival meetings
  • folding chairs
  • folding tables for registration
  • donated building to be used as a food pantry
  • Gathering Place of Purpose is in need of a facility to help store donated food for those in need to help feed the hungry, especially those on low income or the homeless. Please consider donating a building to us so we can fulfill our goal.

Volunteers Needed:
  • Grant writers.
  • Fundraising events.
  • Educational seminars.

Information reviewed by agency 1/28/19. (Phone number changed. Toll-free number added.)


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