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Rochester, NY

Rochester's Community Wishbook


Rochester Refugee Resettlement Services

393 Lexington Ave., PO Box 15733
Rochester, NY 14613
Phone: 585-315-3377
Contact: Judy Bennett

Rochester Refugee Resettlement Services (RRRS) provides opportunities and services to help with the assimilation of refugees into Rochester by offering assistance as they strive to be self-sustaining neighbors while maintaining their own cultural heritage. In addition to operating 65 units of safe, affordable housing specifically for New Americans, other programs include instruction in English, computers and driver training, youth services and employment development and placement. The most recent residents are over 100 Afghans now living in Northwest Rochester.

Wish List:
  • refrigerators, stoves and microwaves for houses and apartments 
  • sewing machines
  • laptop computers
  • minivan or larger van to transport students and adults to educational, cultural, volunteer and employment opportunities. 

Volunteers Needed:
 Tutors and mentors for high school students who need assistance with English, school work and college preparation.  

New listing 12/15/21.

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