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Rochester, NY

Rochester's Community Wishbook


Rochester Regional Coalition Against Human Trafficking

PO Box 10445
Rochester, NY 14610
Phone: 585-483-0084
Contact: Dr. Celia McIntosh or Hannah Murphy

The Rochester Regional Coalition against Human Trafficking (RRCAHT) is dedicated to eliminating human trafficking in our communities through education, advocacy, and networking with individuals and organizations.

Wish List:


  • feminine Hygiene Products vvvv
  • small size shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, toothpaste
  • bar soap
  • toothbrushes
  • bottles of water
  • individual pairs of new socks
  • individually-wrapped non-perishable snacks (cookies, granola bars, cheese crackers, etc.)
  • reusable bags to package above items in

Volunteers Needed:

We seek to nominate people to our Board but we also have subcommittee roles and team roles. We are currently seeking volunteers that would like to participate in one of the following roles:


1. Education Subcommittee – Plan professional development opportunities regularly throughout the year with emphasis on skills development and cultural awareness. Collect feedback and evaluations for further PD opportunities. Recruit and coordinate with appropriate facilitators based on feedback. Provide draft schedule for the year. 


2. Events Planning Subcommittee—RRCAHT hosts one large annual fundraiser and will be hosting an educational conference for 100-150 people. This role is accepting of delegated items from the RRCAHT board for events to be executed successfully and smoothly. Create and distribute surveys/evaluation at the conclusion of events. Record and track results from evaluations. The RRCAHT Board will assist in implementing this group’s plans. Events planning meetings will take place outside of regular meeting times and will report progress to the Board.

 suitable for TEENS or Groups of Teens.

Teens and groups of teens can coordinate their own “Care Pack Parties” by collecting the items identified on the wish list and packing the items into individual care packs, that then get distributed to agencies that serve trafficked people, those at risk of trafficking, or survivors of human trafficking.

Additionally, we have an apprentice board member position for high school or college students.

Apprentice Board Member (High School or College Student) This role allows a High School or College Student to learn how boards operate, what the different roles consist of, and to be open to having tasks delegated as fits their schedule. The apprentice board member will attend both Board Meetings and General Body Meetings.


New Listing 4/19/2021.

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